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The research workshops of Japanese History in Doshisha Univ.
In Doshisha University, there are several research workshops of Japanese history by students and teaching staff. Please click below items for getting information of the regular meeting.

Museum Report

Each articles of our bulletins are published in PDF format in this section. (Now, we have some entry of articles and we will try to add other articles as soon as we can.)


  • Village of skilled humans and Ga-ware digged from the hilltop [JAPANESE] (Toshio Sukigara)
  • No.3

  • Salmon Boots (Toshio Sukigara)
  • Koroku attachment from Toukisenzuka tombs (Wataru Matsuda)
  • Corrupted sue vessel with a minituar table from Hinokio-Otsuka ruin No.4, Osaka, Japan. (Kunikazu Yamada)
  • No.4

  • Excavated coins and circulation of currency in Korea and Ryukyu islands (Seiichi Kadota)
  • About UMUGE, excavaded from Ishigaki island. (Junko Nakamura)
  • No.5

  • The structure and duration of Kannonjiyama Yayoi settlement (Izumi-city, Osaka) (Kunihiko Wakabayashi)
  • A study of beads as grave goods in the beginning of Kofun Period (3rd AD) in the context of Shibagahara No.12 tomb (Joyo-city, Kyoto) (Yukishige Hirose)
  • A historic and archaeological report about cemeteries before middle age around Otokoya ma hill(Yahata-city, Kyoto) (Toyoshige Yasoshima)
  • No.8

  • The contents and 2004's affair (Fiscal year 2004)
  • The clay figures drawn by Joh NIIJIMA (Tetsuro TSUJIKAWA)
  • The Jomon clay dolls in Historical Museum of Doshisha Univ. (Takanobu KOJIMA)
  • No.9

  • "Goryoudono”-Konoe's Villa and noble ladies in late Middle age (Etsuko WATANABE)
  • The early Jomon lithics from Oko site in Nara pref. (Shungo YOSHIMURA)
  • No.10

  • The reseach report of Kijima shell midden in Okayama pref. (Masayoshi YOSHINO)
  • The restudy about Inbehatimanyama tomb in Wakayama pref. (Junichi SATO, Kunihiko SHIMIZU, Shinichi SEKI, Tetsuro TSUJIKAWA, Wataru MATSUDA)
  • The reseach report of an ancient temple "Fugenji" in Kyotanabe city. (Kunihiko WAKABAYASHI)
  • No.11

  • The reseach report of Kijima shell midden in Okayama pref [vol.2] (Masayoshi YOSHINO)
  • The reseach report of an ancient temple "Fugenji" in Kyotanabe city; 2007 (Yuji IWATSUKA and Kunihiro HAMANAKA)
  • The under-ground survey at ancient temple "Fugenji" (Toru KISHIDA, Hiroomi TSUMURA, Kunihiko WAKABAYASHI and Masaaki OKITA)
  • The under-ground survey at Geshi No.7 tomb in Kyotanabe (Toru KISHIDA, Hiroomi TSUMURA, Kunihiko WAKABAYASHI and Masakazu NAKATANI)
  • No.12

  • Curven human drawing on clay image in brial from Umanoyama KOFUN in Tottori Pref. (Tetsuro TSUJIKAWA, Kazuhiro TATSUMI)
  • The short report of grave goods from Jomoyama KOFUN in Sakai city(1). (Makito KOMORI, Yasukata SUZUKI)
  • The essay about first published "Japan Day By Day" by E.S.Mourse. (Tomoya OMOTO)
  • No.13

  • The short report of grave goods from Jomoyama KOFUN in Sakai city(2)"(Makito KOMORI and Yasukata SUZUKI)
  • The big fire on 1675 in Kyoto; from the context in diaries" (Kunihiro HAMANAKA and Rie HSOYA)
  • No.14

  • The archaeological report of Iwakurachuzaichi site [JAPANESE] (KunihikoWAKABAYASHI and Yoichi TATSUMI)
  • The stone objects and the potteries with inscriptions of 15-16th century found at Shinmachi Campu [JAPANESE] (Kengo OKADA and Satoko NAGANO)
  • The report of a leaf of Takimotobo documents [JAPANESE] (Kazuo NITTA)
  • The Tanka documents of the duke Konoe and Nijo as the collections of Historical Musuem of Doshisha university [JAPANESE] (Yoshio OGURA)
  • No.15

  • The report of the potteries collected around Wakaekita site in Higashiosaka [JAPANESE] (Kunihiko WAKABAYASHI, Masaki SHIBATA)
  • The short report of excavated molds for bronze mirrors in 18th century [JAPANESE] (Kazuki MABUCHI)
  • The collections of the notes about Shokokuji-temple in pre-modern documents [JAPANESE] (Edited by Kunihiro HAMANAKA, Satoko NAGANO)
  • No.16

  • The research of haniwa unearthed from Shuzan No.1 tumulus in Tamba. [JAPANESE] (Tetsuro TSUJIKAWA)
  • Archaeological report of burial goods unearthed from Nishiyama No.2 tumulus in Joyo city [JAPANESE] (Uko KASUGA)
  • About the doll and miniature clay artifucts was found from remains of Fujitani residence -Rearrangement- [JAPANESE] (Yuta KATO)
  • Example report with the toothbrush form bone artefact : 2002 university hall (remains of the Ashikaga shogunate's house) excavation of the Kambaikan spot exhumation [JAPANESE] (Miyuki YABUTA)
  • The letter of the Muromatibakufu-Mikyoujo dated Nov.10,1411 [JAPANESE] (Koji INOUE)
  • The letter of the Ashikaga Yositane-Kitoujyo dated Dec.18,1491 [JAPANESE] (Seji YAMAGUCHI)
  • The letter of the Motohiro Konoe [JAPANESE] (Kana TAKEUCHI)
  • About Hisamitsu Shimazu's "Gabisangetsuka Rihaku" and Nijo Nariyuki's “Usushimo Sumi Yatsuki” [JAPANESE] (Kana TAKEUCHI)
  • No.17

  • The report of 'The Archaeologist Mori Koichi'. [JAPANESE] (Kunihiko WAKABAYASHI)
  • Dr.Mori and excavaration of the Sonobekaichi tomb -Memories at Doshisha University- [JAPANESE] (Tomoko TERAZAWA)
  • The Archaeologist Mori Koichi -Practice and Philosophy concerning preservetion of ruins- [JAPANESE] (Susumu MIYAKAWA)
  • Koichi Mori and Mass media. [JAPANESE] (Hiroyuki AMANO)
  • No.18

  • Hearing about excavaration of the Hamazume ruins-ask Dr.Okada- [JAPANESE] (Kunihiro HAMANAKA・Tomoya OMOTO)
  • About Keshinkan Kurumayose Shishiguchi [JAPANESE] (Seji YAMAGUCHI)
  • About the document of Nakai family"The picture of a Fushimiden Imadegawa map related the borrowing and receiving money" [JAPANESE] (Kana TAKEUCHI・Kunihiro HAMANAKA)
  • The report of Tokiwadonocho ruin in 2008 [JAPANESE] (Kunihiro HAMANAKA・Tomoko NAGANO)
  • No.19

  • The report of'shell mound study in Jomon period and Mr.Sakazume〜Posthumously 50 years〜' [JAPANESE] (Kunihiko WAKABAYASHI・Kunihiro HAMANAKA)
  • Mr.Sakazume and the statue of Doshisha archeology of early [JAPANESE] (Taichiro SHIRAISHI)
  • biology in Jomon period and Mr.Sakazume [JAPANESE] (Junko HANYU)
  • From 'Doshisha literature' to 'shell mount' [JAPANESE] (Haruo SAKAZUME)
  • Maintenance of the Imadegawa campus is accompanied attendance investigation result (in 2009〜2012) [JAPANESE] (Miki HANDA)
  • No.20

  • Saibana shell mound of birds and animals bodies and bone tool - Contents of Sakazume collection which Doshisha University holds [JAPANESE] (Ryohei SAWAURA・Akiko YOSHINAGA・Takao SATO)
  • Saibana shell mound of birds shellfish and fish bodies - Contents of Sakazume collection which Doshisha University holds [JAPANESE] (Akiko YOSHINAGA・Takao SATO)
  • The report of Tanabe Tenjinyama ruins excavated copper button. [JAPANESE] (Nozomu KIKUCHI・Kunihiko WAKABAYASHI)
  • No.21

  • "The analyses of settlement system for the study of state formation process in Japan." [JAPANESE] (Kunihiko WAKABAYASHI)
  • The metal producing system of the state formation process in the Kyoto basin and Northern Osaka Plain. [JAPANESE] (Seiji MANABE)
  • The analyses of settlement system with Kofun tumulus in Kyoto Basin. [JAPANESE] (Takumi FURUKAWA)
  • The discussion of the craftwork systems in Yayoi and Kofun society. [JAPANESE]
  • The report of the artifacts from Shin-Shinogatani Middle Age fort [JAPANESE] (Takeshi OKAMOTO and Naoto YAMAMOTO)
  • No.22

  • "1.Cover, Table of Contents, About the Authors and Bibliographic Information" [JAPANESE]
  • "2.Operation Report of Museum in 2018" [JAPANESE] (Shigeyuki SHIN)
  • "3.Archaeological Report of Remains from Totsuka Tumulus in South Osaka, Vol.1" [JAPANESE] (Kunihiro HAMANAKA・Tetsuro TSUJIKAWA・Uko KASUGA・Yuuki MIURA・Hisashi OKUDA)
  • "4. Archaeological Report of Remains from Dodaike Tumulus in Izumi City" [JAPANESE] (Tamiyuki SOUNOU)
  • "5.Archaeological Report of Roof Tiles Collected from Hataeda Kilns in Kyoto City" [JAPANESE] (Takeshi OKAMOTO)
  • "6.Archaeological Report of Metallic Artifacts Unearthed from Medieval Residence at Shinshisogatani in Kyotanabe City" [JAPANESE] (Naoko YAMAMOTO・Kazuko HAMAKI)
  • "7. Archaeological Report of Palace Porcelains Unearthed from Doshisha Imadegawa Campus" [JAPANESE] (Tomohiro MOURI)
  • "8.Physicochemical Analysis of Bizen Wares Unearthed in Late Medieval Kyoto" [JAPANESE] (Kunihiro HAMANAKA・Jun SHIRAISHI)
  • No.23

  • "1.Preface, Contents List, Activities in 2019 and Publish Information" [JAPANESE]
  • "2. Rethinking of Nishiyama Tumulus1-2 in Joyo-city, Kyoto" [JAPANESE]
  • "3. The Report of the Relics from Tozuka Tumulus in Izumi-city, Osaka; The New Collection of Bronze mirror" [JAPANESE]
  • "4. The Notification of Correction about the article “The Report of the Relics from Tozuka Tumulus (1)” on Our Museum Report No.22" [JAPANESE]
  • "5.The Report of Early Modern Documents of Noble Family Nijo from the Collections of Doshisha University" [JAPANESE]
  • "6.The Introduction of an Early Modern Document “The Lists of Court Meal”" [JAPANESE]
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