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The research workshops of Japanese History in Doshisha Univ.
In Doshisha University, there are several research workshops of Japanese history by students and teaching staff. Please click below items for getting information of the regular meeting.

Access and office hour

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Office hour

Monday to Friday
10:00 to 11:30 and 12:30 to 16:00
(except public holidays and summer/winter leave)


Charge-free for visit.

Traffic access

This museum is located in the ridge of nature science at Kyotanabe campus of Doshisha University.

Although the nearest railway stations are Doshisha-mae(JR) and Kodo(Kintetsu), there is no bus service between those stations and Doshisha University; you should climb a hill to university on the walk. It may be more convinient to take a bus at Shintanabe(Kintetsu) or Miyamaki(Kintetsu) station with some circumstances.

Doshisha-mae station of Gakken-toshi Line
Kodo station of Kyoto Line
* You're kindly requested not to drive for visit.

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このサイトに用いられている地図の作成に当たっては、 国土地理院長の承認を得て、 同院発行の数値地図250mメッシュ(標高)を使用したものである。 (承認番号 平13総使、第285号)
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