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Archaeology of Kamigyou

Because Kyoto of the Article 1 north was offshore in the outskirts of the Doshisha University Imadegawa campus in the Heian era, it does not appear in the front stage of the history very much.However, an earthenware vessel, ceramics are discovered from Jomon period to Heian period from each investigation spot in the campus and we can know the state of the life of the people in this area since the ancient times.Above all, the earthenware vessel of Nara and the Heian era is important as a thing indicating the relations with Adakae that looks like the taxation register of the Shoso-in document.The existence of the moat retroactively to the north and south dynasty period shows the change of the city of Kyoto by the appearance of the samurai residence the Middle Ages later, and ceramics in the various Muromachi era tell the center of the politics about prosperity of this ground which there was.There was the studio of the mirror maker in this ground while the Edo era began, and samurai residences stood.This is one section of the city in the early modern times indicating a variety of structure.

Straw-rope patterned pottery (Doshisha Women's College of LiberalArts's library spot)

Green glaze ceramics of the Heian era (Koenkan spot)

Investigation into moat of the north and south dynasty period (Shinmachi annex spot)

Seto, Mino kiln ceramics of Azuchi, Momoyama era

Shigaraki, Tokoname, Bizen kiln ceramics of Azuchi, Momoyama era


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