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The research workshops of Japanese History in Doshisha Univ.
In Doshisha University, there are several research workshops of Japanese history by students and teaching staff. Please click below items for getting information of the regular meeting.

Nations and Folklores

We stores up Mainland China, Korean Peninsula, Southeast Asia Africa, South America, South Pacific Islands, Ainu and northern relations of a race and the race more than 300 points of Japanese Islands each place and a folk connection document. Those types are tools for farming which are ear knob tool and so on,tool for fisheries which are tool for farming,cylindrical bamboo fishing basket,yasu,harpoon point,and so on,faith relations such as the hunting hunting tool such as a crossbow, the arrow, textiles such as the bark cloth and a good harvest-wishing ornament of the first lunar month, okanjake, the perfume stick.

Of these, the race relations of South America are Amazon innermost source of a river zones, and the document of the area around the tropical rain forest zone of the Andes gathering is enriched, and a tool for hunting such as personal ornaments, the spear represented by clay and vegetable containers, clothing, a necklace done specifications in everyday life shows unique culture.In addition, the faith-affiliated document represented for a handspike liquor spatula, a cut with an article every day by "the ceremony of the bear forwarding" including the flower arrow such as salmon skin shoes or the sled (snowshoe) is frequent in Ainu and the northern relations of a race.

Ainu and northern race-affiliated document

Salmon skin shoes

Sword-rack zone


South American race-affiliated document


Earthenware with colored pattern bowl

Earthenware with colored pattern pot

Earthenware with colored pattern pot


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