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The research workshops of Japanese History in Doshisha Univ.
In Doshisha University, there are several research workshops of Japanese history by students and teaching staff. Please click below items for getting information of the regular meeting.


Recommended book

Nothing to say, this is well known as a book of the man Yoshihiko Amino, who is the representative of middle-age Japanese history. First issued on 1974; when he is in the middle of 40's. Japanese history had a great historical drama in the middle of middle-age. infinitely various characters and regions, complicated intents and emotions, and the relationship of those... After the publication, Mr. Amino had been released his works back-to-back; all of those affect to the historical research. This book must witch the readers with his historical view structed with 'Muen, Koukai, Raku'. We can never got the unforeknowns at high school, but indeed can with it. I turned over the page with pounding hearts.


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