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The research workshops of Japanese History in Doshisha Univ.
In Doshisha University, there are several research workshops of Japanese history by students and teaching staff. Please click below items for getting information of the regular meeting.


Is an archaeologists, also a he-male?

You know, the main part of archaeology is digging the earth. There are some method to dig; as you may have imagine, we sometimes grovel on the ground, and remove grain of sand by ones with knife and brush; but not only thus. We often use trowels, general scops, pickaxes, and an unwellknown tool named Tegari which is a gadget for mowing. Moreover, we must carry the soils we digged with wheelbarrow. It's not too much to say the archaeologists are he-males because of those hard lavor. However, from the lavor, we learn how to pick out the remains, soil's color and hardness, and above all, we can study how to operate the digging, that is a joint-work. Not only legacies and/or remains are buried in the earth.


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